Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maternity Session

The Belly Session!
What a great looking couple! I wanted to blog about this session to get some of your thoughts on why you would or wouldn't want to do this.
My mission is to capture moments in time and pregnancy is one of the dearest, I believe. We come in all different shapes, and sizes each one beautiful. I want to encourage my clients to allow me to photograph this precious memory-looking back years from now you will be glad you did. This is Caleb and Tessa's first child- the look in her eyes say all. What a beautiful glow on her face! :)


Tessa said...

WOW What a great experience! Can't wait to see all the pictures. the session was very intimate and beautiful. Monica made us feel right at home with everything. It is great to have somebody as excited as we are to capture this wonderful moment. Can't wait to come back and take some more pictures once our baby is born. we would recommend this for anybody wanting to capture this special time in your life. Thank you so much Monica!! Caleb, Tessa and Baby

Paula said...

This is a very neat photograph...one I am sure they will treasure forever. I am looking forward to having my own maternity shots taken!


Kirk and Karen said...

Just want to say how beautiful this pic is, and how proud I am to say that Tessa is my daughter and so that is My Grandbaby! Monica you do an absolutely stunning job of capturing this moment in time. I sure wish us older Moms could've had an opportunity like this to be proud of our pregnant bodies as wonderful vessels for God's gift of a child. I can't wait to see the rest! Karen Helmes

~Angela~ said...

Christopher and I CAN NOT wait until a baby is on the way so we can get these shots done! Not only are they a moment in time you want to capture, they are also very intimate and breathtaking!!! Monica, I absolutely LOVE your work and from what all the mothers say-you seem to make them feel really comfortable during the shoot!I honestly check your site daily just to check out all your photos-can't wait to see more!!!~Angela~