Monday, March 2, 2009

Easter Photos with Live little Bunnies and a Little Lamb

This is an additional backdrop I will be using this year. It will be faded out in the background- but give the feel of an outdoor portrait- for those of you wanting a more springlike feel. Can't wait!

I will be doing Easter photos once again! These Photos will take place- March 18-20
Space is filling up fast. Please email me directly to book your spot. These sessions will last about 25 minutes. There will be two packages offered and you will have back within 2 weeks to give as Easter Gifts. This is the first time we will have a lamb- hopefully if everything works out- He will be very fragil. All of the children from last year loved the session- It is great to see children react with animals- they have so much love!
I will be posting photos some photos from last year soon:)

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